The Victorian School
New Road
ME20 6AH

The school founded in 1853 was housed in the building that appears in the background of the above photograph. It rapidly expanded and outgrew this building which over time became subsidiary to the new school that grew up alongside. At the end of its educational life it housed a swimming pool and then finally became a store for unwanted items. The Ditton Heritage Group took over the building in 2001 and after a considerable amount of fund raising and hard work managed to restore the school to its original condition. Its now the home of the Ditton Heritage Centre which has a school room fitted out as it would have been in Victorian times and a collection of items and exhibits relating to Ditton’s historic past. The Ditton Heritage Group organises a range of fund raising events to support the upkeep of the building, holds open days when the general public are welcome to visit the centre and provides educational facilities for schools.

The centre is also available for hire and can accommodate art displays and group meetings.

2016 events calendar.

Local artists exhibition 29th and 30th October.